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RIBES-Nest allows you to create a network of values developing new partnerships, to mulitply the possibilities of identifying emerging and innovative technologies, promote and implement the possibility of achieving ambitious goals thanks to the synergy of its members.

Create a network of values

To create a network of values able to develop goods and services for the RIBES-Nest member companies and to increase the cultural, social, commercial and overall value of the regional system

Radar on technologies

Use RIBES-Nest as a radar on emerging technologies and as a catalyst for the development of a competitive advantage for the network or an individual company

Identify components

dentify new components based on the use of KETs(Key Enabling Technologies), with particular reference to biotechnologies, to the benefit of innovation, organization, and marketing strategies in the various thematic areas identified by RIBES-Nest

Implement capabilities

To achieve ambitious and concrete goals such as working on relevant system projects to implement competitive capabilities (Company Members) and to build winning development models (Knowledge Entities Members) applicable to one or more sectors of the network

Develop partnerships

Develop partnerships with other players in the regional, national and international territory who able to respond with competence and professionalism to the needs that will be identified in the different sectors and/or subsectors, of reference for RIBES-Nest

Involve scientific excellences

To involve national and international scientific excellences and experts, to give concrete answers to the needs of its members, using innovative solutions and applications also coming from other sectors for the creation of a business ecosystem in favor of the member companies

Create employment development

Create favorable circumstances and opportunities for employment development in RIBES-Nest companies also by stimulating the creation of new businesses (Spin-offs, Start-ups, etc.) with a high potential for industrial development in the identified sectors

Promote product creation

Supporting the actions and activities promoted by the network in current and future programs with competence and institutional representativeness in order to encourage the realization of the Science Based products of the Company members

Maintain competitive levels

Maintaining your business at a high and competitive level on the markets, in line with the macro-objectives identified by the regional policies on research and innovation and in the strategies for Smart Specialization

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