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Companies and Knowledge Entities (Universities and Research Centers) who adopt the model of innovative networks to increase the development of some highly innovative sectors participate in RIBES-Nest.


The UniVeneto Foundation was established in November 2011. The founding members are the four Universities of Veneto and Confindustria Veneto is currently participating as a member. The Foundation’s mission is to promote and coordinate the training offer and research activities of the Veneto university system and the development of its relations with public institutions, economic institutions and the business system. To foster and support the territory in the participation in research and innovation projects and research proposals and enhance the research results, the Foundation Board of Directors have prepared, by appointing a specific commission, a regional intervention plan where UniVeneto plays the role of coordinator and representative of the Veneto Athenaeums and of liaison with local bodies and companies in the actions on the European structural and social funds and on the national funds for research, innovation and development of the territory.


The scientific research conducted at Ca’ Foscari by the DSMN and DAIS within the thematic areas proposed by RIBES-Nest will cover:

  • New eco-friendly chemical systems for the valorisation of biomass derivatives and waste from the agri-food industry for composite materials and fine chemicals.
  • Preparation of bioorganic hybrid systems functionalized with proteins, antibodies; bio-electrochemical / optical sensors for the monitoring of antibodies, antigens, drug delivery systems, biological imaging.
  • Green technologies with supercritical fluids for the upgrading of biomass derivatives for nutraceuticals, cosmetics.
  • Biological processes of water treatment and organic waste from the agri-food industry and their integration in the production of plastic materials and biofuels with high added value or energy.
  • ICT technologies for the analysis and interpretation of data, medical images and tele-medicine, optimization algorithms, privacy and security.
  • The collaboration of UNIVE with RIBES-Nest will be addressed in the food and environmental sectors together with an important advantage for all the members of the network.

The Ca’ Foscari University in Venice is part of RIBES-NEST through the Univeneto foundation


The University of Padova is among the best-known universities in Italy and among the oldest (1222) in the world. It counts about more than 60,000 students in over 150 degree programs, 4,400 among professors, researchers, postdoctors and doctoral students and about 150 laboratories in 32 departments and 41 research centers. Among the best universities in Italy for the quality of research, it also provides many research services to third parties. UNIPD is an important member of the network thanks to the direct contribution of the Departments/Centers participating in the initiative (BCA, DAFNAE, TESAF,DiSC, DSB, DIMED, DSF, DII, DFA, DB, CRIBI) and to the consolidated experience of collaboration with local companies in the context of various research initiatives applied to the (agro) food sectors. Thanks to the multidisciplinary nature and the frontier positioning of its research, particularly in the life sciences sector, UNIPD will provide a proactive support to the design and implementation of network projects, contributing to broaden the research vision of the companies involved and facilitating the inclusion of young researchers in them as well as the enhancement of their skills.

The University of Padova is a member of RIBES-NEST through the Univeneto Foundation.


The University of Verona focuses on innovation and the quality of research and teaching. One of its objectives is to involve the economic system in strategic research fields. The University of Verona recognizes research as one of the fundamental factors for social and economic development and promotes the dissemination of results. To operate in this direction, it is oriented (a) towards the quality of research, (b) to the structuring of cooperation networks, (c) to the recognition of the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary value of research and (d) to favor and enhance the fallout of the research results on social processes.
Its contribution to RIBES-NEST will be to foster technological progress and the transmission of knowledge through scientific and professional skills that meet the development needs of the regional territory. The adhering Department (DB) will contribute with research in innovative areas – including biomedical, nanotechnology, agrifood, energy – consistent with the regional policy of specialization, but open to multi-sectorality.

The University of Verona is a member of RIBES-NEST through the Univeneto foundation.


The University, officially born in 1924, considers the training and guidance of young people towards innovation through cultural processes of integration of knowledge as one of the central factors of its Mission. In the full freedom of scientific research and with a teaching that is distinguished by the multi- and interdisciplinary vision aimed at improving the quality of life of man in many aspects, the University of Trieste can respond to the needs of network expansion to neighboring areas, but not only. Thanks to its connections, it will be able to encourage other members to expand relations with universities and research institutions in the region and to establish relationships with institutions, companies and other productive forces as tools for the promotion of scientific research and a channels for the dissemination and exploitation of its results. This type of approach makes the University of Trieste an ideal partner for interaction with many companies adhering to RIBES-NEST..


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