SEBiomeD Project

SEBiomeD Project – Speedy Expo for Biomedical Devices

Four companies operating in the biomedical sector, united by the implementation of significant Research & Development processes, participate in the SEBiomeD Project – SPEEDY EXPO FOR BIOMEDICAL DEVICES. The developed biomedical devices are used in the field of diagnostics and medical prevention or dedicated to reducing the impact on health resulting from major degenerative pathologies, which are increasingly common today due to the extension of average life expectancy.

BMR Genomics

BMR Genomics is a biotech company born as a spin off of the University of Padua, with more than 18-years experience in DNA sequencing and genetic analysis. In 2008 BMR was awarded the prize of best Italian start-up. Strong scientific background, customer satisfaction, high automation, and quality certification are the keywords of our idea of business. Beside our established NGS&bioinformatic services, our fastest growing application areas include gut microbiome analysis and SNP genotyping tests. These tests are available through our SalusNet®, an innovative platform to connect health professionals and patients. We are open to any possible commercial initiative to resell our tests, both B2B and B2C, ideally a partner like a distributor in the pharmacy channel, a nutraceutical company or involved in the ealthy lifestyle and wellness.

Our main partners
UNIFARCO spa, VitaeDNA, Holifya, Diagnostica Spire, University of Padova

Company Profile

The company operates primarily in the jewelry sector and more recently has ventured into the dental industry, thanks to its long-standing experience in stereolithography. The technologies employed have, until now, allowed the company to effectively create new-generation jewelry and final products that cannot be produced with traditional technologies. This has enabled the company to enter new market segments, such as orthodontics, ensuring innovative product standards and, above all, emphasizing the possibility of customizing the finished product. This offers an innovative service focused on the well-being and health of individuals. DWS’s presence within the network represents a valuable contribution, especially in the field of medical devices, which play a strategic role in safeguarding human health (in terms of clinical outcomes and healthcare system efficiency). This is achieved through constant monitoring using increasingly advanced tools and methodologies tailored to nutritional pathologies and complications related to aging.

Company Profile

Claudio Perissinotto and Dr. Cipriano Castellaro were the two “visionaries” who founded Micromed in 1982. Driven by their passion for neurophysiology, they were pioneers in EEG diagnostics, introducing the first ambulatory 2-channel EEG recorder, which later evolved into a 12-channel system and eventually became the first true digital 24-channel EEG system. In 2016, Micromed was acquired by Archimed, a medical investment company. Since then, we have expanded our presence to 78 markets worldwide, employing over 100 people. Some of us have been collaborating with the company for over 30 years – we all share the passion for supporting our customers to make a real difference in people’s lives. That’s why we are here. That’s why we do what we do. This shared passion is at the core of the close relationship between customers and the research and development team, making the proposal of new solutions driven by customers themselves fast and effective. Since January 2023, Micromed has become part of the NATUS Group, which is headquartered in the United States. The merger of the two groups will strengthen both the product portfolio and presence in major markets.

Company Profile
Telea Medical

It is a modern company whose main activity is scientific research and production-oriented design and commercialization of bio-medical products and innovative biomedical engineering systems, as well as electromedical devices in general. Its role within the network will be to facilitate the achievement of prioritized general development objectives, such as strengthening collaboration between the healthcare sector and industry, internationalization, implementation and utilization of intangible assets, valorization of excellence, and collaborations with universities and research centers, including international ones. Furthermore, the company can contribute its expertise in research towards products designed and developed to ensure the well-being and health of patients. These products are aimed at identifying solutions and addressing issues in certain human pathologies to improve the quality of life for patients, with particular attention to degenerative conditions often resulting from aging processes.

Company Profile

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